Saturday, October 13, 2012
       Hello Everyone! So I'm here today with a not so scrappy post. Have you guys heard of influenster? If you havent, well let me start off with how awesome it is! "Infuenster is a Exclusive Community of Trendsetters using their Influence to Qualify for Complimentary Product Shipments, Rewards and Deals fit for their Lifestyles. Members love Testing the Latest Products, Offering Insightful Feedback and Spreading the Word on Products they Rate Positively!" -fb fan page :) but it is what is says. You sign up and get free stuff in the mail (really its FREE) in exchange for your opinions on the products they sent. You get a couple of challenges per box (post a picture on your FB, Blog, Instagram etc) the more badges you get the better the chance you get picked for a program. I personally have gotten 2 (mom Voxbox and Naturals Voxbox ) This is my latest one :)

In this box I got 


Natural Hand Sanitizer Wipes

Good for on the go! I'm an wippie freak lol 

The Original™

Dish Drying Mat 

I got this right when the dishwasher went out. SO I was very happy to have something to use while we fixed it. I like it alot but you have to wash it frequently for it not to smell. I need like 5 so I can function between laundry days. 

LypSyl LypMoisturizer™

Intense Protection LypMoisturizer™ 
LOVE IT, really it works very well and I like the packaging :) 


Raw Shea, Chamomile & Argan Baby Bar Soap 
Smells so good! and Organic is always good


Natural Energy Booster 
 Tasted good. didnt notice much of a boost though.


GEODEO Natural Deodorant Plus Detox Complex

This one is kinda confusing, it smells really good. when I put it on I dont smell it as in me but it works really good. in my mind because I cant detect them smell it bug me! lol I think Im just crazy.  


All Natural No Calories Sweetner
I dont use sweetener but I gave this to my grandma who hates everything and she LOVED it :) 

This is a really cool program, its completly free. You are never asked for any billing information. EVER. 

If you have any questions about anything or more on how it works just ask away <3