About Me

           Hmm..about me eh? My life is and revolves around this cute evil little child of mine named Joseph (or as he says "Joe fus"). He is everything I ever dreamed of and more <3 as corny as that sounds lol. At just 2 years old he is one of the brightest  
kids I've ever met!You can half a full blown conversation with him since he was 20 months old. Hes also the weirdest child ever, aside from your normal boy weird.But I wouldn't have it any other way :) Ok back to me, I am native to the best place in the world. Sunny California.I love LA and everything about it. The city is my  playground and I love to go out and play. Photoshop is my passion and photography is my mistress <3 I started getting into designing at 15 and went hard core at 16. I don't think theres a day I dont open photoshop or take out my camera. I am currently double majoring in media art and photography. Lots of arty farty classes full of weirdos, so I fit right in. Not long ago a good friend of mine gave me that extra push I needed to start making kits and I have but one regret. Not starting sooner! I love designing and this is just another great way to do so. 

Let's see what more can I say...I'm one of the simplest person ever yet I'm very difficult to understand lol kudos to those who do :) I'm a BIG gamer. I have every platform out there and I LOVE them. My favorite game right now is Bio Shock 2 (ask your hubby's they'll agree with me xD ) I could not function with out music, I would go into a coma with out cable and probably die with out internet. (nerd big time) I love reality T.V. I know its mostly trash but I cant seem to get enough lol I think I have a shopping problem and have no future plans to cure it.Not anytime soon at least. :) I love to cook and I can get down in a kitchen like nobody's business ;) butttttt I HATE to wash dishes Booo lol one day I will hire some one just for that >=] I dont like vampires I like wizards :D but I will make an exception for a werewolf lol. I'm as weird as they come but that just makes things fun lol I guess thats about it. If I missed something feel free to ask. I dont bite, at least not strangers :)