Thursday, January 27, 2011
As Promised here is the freebie! This is honor of me finishing my blog :) took me a while but its up and all pimped out  lol Well here it is Love Birds only available on my blog! yes its another Valentines Day kit Hope you guys like it!!

Here's a Layout made by one of my lovely Ct girls Veronica <3 Thanks girl your the best!

Download Here


  1. Jitka said...:


  1. Lisa said...:

    So cute. I love the sweet elements and the colors. Thanks for sharing.

  1. MoosieD said...:

    Congratulations on completing your blog, and thank you so much for the cute freebie. Love the colours!!!

  1. Thank you<3
    (I'm busty de lusty from BG, I was gonna comment the thread, but I accidentally closed it)

  1. Alexandra Ruiz said...:

    Thanks this is an awesome kit I cant wait to see what else yo come up with!

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Thank you =) So cute I love

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