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Saturday, May 28, 2011
In the quest to get followers and such, I spent a few hours creating some fantastic freebies for you all! There are 3 sets of Glitter styles (all CU-OK) and 3 PU Freebies. Read on to find out how to get them all!

First of all though, don't forget, every item you purchase from Bean Bunny Designs store before June 1st, enters you in the draw to win the entire store! It doesn't get any better than that. Also, there's a whole bunch of amazing kits in her PDP store for only $2 each! Check out this awesome one - the colours are so funky!

There's also a bunch of other neat ones marked down so go check them out!

Now freebies. Everyone loves freebies right? So we're on a crusade to get followers and readers (and of course, customers! :P) and here is how we're starting.

There's 3 lots of freebies to collect:
  • Freebies #1 - Grab them from this post (A stacked paper and a set of glitters)
  • Freebies #2 - Follow using the google follower thingy in the sidebar (at Bean Bunny Designs Blog), leave a comment and make sure you're using a valid address as download links will be mailed to you. If you follow already, make sure you leave a comment letting me know so I don't miss anyone out.
  • Freebies #3 - Follow on twitter and tag @Bean_Bunny in a tweet! (right here) Links will be direct messaged to you.
Want to see previews? Here goes!

EDIT: Due to many people not having twitter, becoming a fan on Facebook is fine too =) *please share on FB with your friends if possible and make sure to leave a comment* Thanks :D

Freebies #2 - Following via Google Friend Connect gets you these two freebies:

Freebies #3 - Following on Twitter gets you these two freebies:

Freebies #1 - Grab these freebies below!:

Download Stacked paper from Mediafire
Download Stacked Paper from 4Shared

Download Glitter Styles from Mediafire
Download Glitter Styles from 4Shared

So, go on, grab yourself some freebies and get following. And by the way - a little sneak err... hint... in the near future there will be kit giveaways etc so you want to be following when that happens!

Don't forget the CT Call (check the previous post!)


  1. SK Black said...:

    Thank you so much for the Freebie! I'll definitely be a new follower! -- Dawn B. (

  1. SK Black said...:

    I just did the GoogleFriends thingy on the sidebar, hopefully correctly. -- Dawn B. (

  1. SK Black said...:

    I just did a Tweet, also hopefully correctly. -- Dawn B.

  1. Stephanie said...:

    I'm a new follower! :)

  1. Kristal said...:

    thank you for these great freebies! I am a follower. kristal dot peters at Any chance the twitter freebie can be made available on facebook as well? I do not have a twitter account. Thanks!


  1. K.R.K.A. said...:

    Thanks for the freebies! I am now a follower-Shelley- E: shelley5005 at hotmail dot com. I also don't have a twitter account!

  1. Anonymous said...:

    I'm a follower!
    I don't have a twitter account but I am a fan on facebook!

  1. bourriquette said...:

    I'm a google follower:
    I follow you on twitter too (hivart)
    Thank you very much!

  1. KandiceD said...:

    Yeah! I am a new follower!

  1. Lukasmummy said...:

    I was following you in google reader now added the google friend connect. Email is

  1. Jojo said...:

    I'm a new follower, and I'm a fan on facebook (!

    Thank you so much!

  1. Crowned.Lion said...:

    Awesome kit. Thanks for sharing you're freebies.

  1. Suz :) said...:

    A brand new follower! Thanks for all the goodies :)

  1. bourriquette said...:

    I'm a twitter and google follower...
    could you tell me what I have to do to get your gorgeous buttons?
    thanks a lot!

  1. Kayla said...:

    I joined via Google friend connect :) Thanks! Your work is awesome!!

  1. Daydreamer said...:

    I am following you on everything... Facebook, Twitter, and the Google side bar thing. :)

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