Not your colors? Not a problem!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011
Hi there, Jen here with my very first blog post for BBD. As many of you know, Bean Bunny has just released an adorable new kit made of pinks and purples and princesses called My Fairy Tale. Just about the time I joined the BBD CT and got a chance to play with this bundle of cuteness, my fiance suggested a trip to the (mostly for kids) theme park called Enchanted Forest in Salem, Oregon. I was so super excited when I realized the prospects for photo ops and LOs I could make using this new kit! We're talking pink candy houses and Little Bo Peep here, it just couldn't get any better! So as we headed out I grabbed the camera and asked is it charged? "Yeah, I think so" was the reply. So off we went. As soon as we walked in, I was in love with the place. Sugary cuteness all around. I whipped out my camera and began snapping. But suddenly, just 4 photos in, something went terribly wrong. Yes, that's right, the battery was charged, for all of about 5 minutes worth. I tried and tried to get the camera to snap another photo, at least the pink candy house I begged, but it was not to be. So I reluctantly returned to the car and put my camera away. All in all it was still a really fun day, but I was truly disappointed when we arrived home and I discovered that the only good picture I had managed to get in those 4 measly snapshots was of Little Red Riding Hood. No pinks, no purples, no sparkly princesses, just a lovely red cloak in a forest of green. Never fear, though, my disappointment quickly turned into delight when I realized that all was not lost. I love My Fairy Tale, I had a pretty decent photo, all I needed was for my photo and My Fairy Tale to match. So I got to work designing my page in the pink and purply cuteness, and then recolored the papers and elements to red and green to match Little Red. Below is the result. Not too shabby if I do say so myself. The take home lesson here is that if you see a kit you love (as in My Fairy Tale, what's not to love?! Am I right?) but the colors aren't quite right for you photos, go for it anyway! It's fairly straightforward to recolor and get the look you want. And you can reuse and reuse, recoloring for each happy, fun, and joyful event life sends your way. Happy Tuesday everyone!

This is my original LO using My Fairy Tale in pink and purple

Here it is recolored to match my photo - the only difference is the second paper in the stack - I used the checked pattern instead of the polka because I couldn't quite get the polka to the color I was looking for


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